Flawless Interior Car Detailing Services
in York Region

  1. Completely vacuum out your trunk, spare tire, underneath the seats, the entire car will all be thoroughly vacuumed
  2. We use our air compressor to blow out any dirt or sand stuck in your carpeting
  3. Full detail – cup holders, air vents, dashboard, steering wheel, door panels
  4. Wipe and clean door jambs
  5. Clean interior glass and windows
  6. Custom Mendez Fragrance for nice clean smell

If you’re looking to get your car exterior washed as well we highly suggest pairing this interior detail service with our Premium or Executive wash.

Wouldn’t it feel nice to increase your driving experience? Once you’ve gotten your cars interior detailed, you get just that! A nice smelling car with better air flow, perfect for inviting friends for joy rides!

Firstly, we want to note that this detail service will not remove any stains on seats or carpets. The type of service you will need for something like that would be far more thorough and more intensive. Check out our Full Interior Cleaning service page and book the correct service for your car. 

More often than not, one of the most asked questions when it comes to the interior detail is, what is included? What all will you be doing to my ride.

Keeping things very simple we simply start off with Vacuuming your car entirely. Now we aren’t here to brag about our vacuum skills, etc. However with years of experience and years of making mistakes we’ve found the best method to properly vacumming your car so that nothing is left behind! 

We use a variety of tools, and equipment to ensure we get in between hard to reach spaces in your vehicle. You know that spot where your fries tend to always fall through and it almost seems impossible to reach and grab? Yeah, we feel your pain and we have an answer for that.

One of the heavily used tools we carry in our Mobile set up is the Air compressor tool, and if you’re not familar with this tool it is completely safe to use on your vehicle so you don’t need to worry about any damages, etc. It’s simply a vortex cleaning gun we use with compressed air, and how we use it is for tight to reach spaces like in between your seat and arm rest. We blow out any dirt,debris, or something even coins that could’ve been lost in your car for months! 

With our experience the vacuum alone won’t be able to reach in those tight areas so our air compressor is by far a huge game changer when it comes to properly and entirely vacumming out your car.

If you’ve gotten your car detailed before than you might have an idea on what to expect, but we’re assuming your’e new to getting your car being detailed by a professional. So we’re going to point out a few areas that other car wash places might overlook or simply just forget about.

#1 Trunk/ Spare tire compartment – Believe it or not, this area tends to collect debris and dirt over time, especially if you are someone who uses it frequently. With that being said it’s important for us detailers to clean it out for you. How good is a detail without the trunk being vacummed and cleaned?

#2 Headliner – Now this will highly vary by car, over the years we know that if there’s pet hair in the vehicle than theres a high chance there will also be some on the headliner being that pet hair get loose and tends to fly all over your car. As detail experts you can expect for us to vacuum your headliner and get rid of any hair and dirt that could be stuck. 

#3 Underneath & Behind Rear Seat – just like the headliner, this will vary by car. Some vehicles are designed in a way that you can easily reach underneath the seats while some move forward on rails. The major point for this one is the ensure that trash and or dirt that’s hard to see also gets picked up and cleaned with the vacuum. We also get a step above and use our air tool to blow behind the seats to blow dirt forward leaving your carpet will a full clean.

We all know that most of the time when we’re out driving 90% of it is spent on the inside. So, with that being said we know how quickly things can start to get messy. You might go pick up some coffee in the morning and have a little accident and spill some coffee. It happens, what can we do. For lunch we might go through our local Chick Fil-A and grab something delicious to eat and for some reason no matter how particular we may be, there’s alway that one fry that get away from us and slips right in between our seat.

Basically what we’re trying to say is, your vehicle is like your second home. Except this home is moving, taking you from point A to point B. Needless to say that keeping it clean and at its best is high maintenance especially if you’re someone who travels a lot in their vehicle. (kinda like what we do)

Once you book an interior detail service, our main focus and priority is to make you feel like a boss when you hop in and our your car by completely detailing every square inch inside your car. We’re talking the drivers steering wheel, buttons on the steering wheel, your turn signals nob and windshield knobs all get cleaned. 

Things such as your Center console are also meticulously cleaned so no drop of coffee is left behind in your Cup holders, coin holders, and other compartments your car may have. Literally every door panel will be cleaned, your seats will all be wiped down and vacuumed making sure to get any loose change or trash so that nothing is left untouched or cleaned.

The major difference between a Car detail and Car wash is the details, we move seats forward, backwards, open and close compartments as if it were our car to ensure when you open and close things it’s all wiped cleaned.

Pricing Guide


(Sonic/VW Golf)                   $80


(Accord/Cherooke)                $110


(Yukon/Pickup Truck)                  $145

FAQ: Interior Detailing

Does this include shampooing on my carpets and seats?

No, this is just a simple interior cleaning so it will include your cars interior plastics and a thorough vacuum. If you’re looking on getting a much deeper cleaning and are looking for an interior transformation check out our Full Interior Shampoo.

How long does this service take?

Ideally it can range from anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. It will on depend on how bad your vehicle is, for instance a car with pet hair will take much longer than a vehicle with just light debris and dirt on their carpet.

Does this include the outside wash as well?

This service will only include the inside of your vehicle so no, this wouldn’t include anything on the exterior of your ride. If you’re looking to pair this service with a wash check out the Premium (Wash and Wax) detail.

Do I need to remove everything from my car?

Yes, we require and prefer if you removed everything out the vehicle for us to get right to work. All other trash and loose items can stay, we will make sure to throw it all out for you. 

***We don’t remove, or re-install car seats due to safety reasons***