Complete Headlight Restoration
in York Region

Save a ton of money by restoring your headlights and not having to completely replace them

  • Safely tape areas around headlights so your paint isn’t damaged
  • Fully wet sand your headlights to remove scratches and bring back the original look
  • Compound and polish to brighten and add shine
  • Add a 1 year ceramic coating protection to keep them looking brand new for a year without having to buy expensive, brand new headlights!
  • Feel safe driving at night time with crystal clear vision.
Here’s how we will Restore and Bring Back your Headlights
  • Wet sand with 800 grit sandpaper to fully remove oxidation and hazy look 
  • 1,000 grit wet sand to remove the wet sanding marks
  • Completely sand with 2,000 sandpaper to clear headlights
  • Use 3,000 grit sandpaper to visually notice the difference in the headlights
  • Compound lights to remove minor scratches and fully restore lights
  • Polish headlight for shine and bright clear finish
  • Add protection with our Ceramic coating for 1 year protection providing durable protection


One price fits all

1.5 hours


The Purpose of Wet Sanding and Polishing your Headlights

Wet sanding will fully remove your headlights’ failed clear coat, fully striping away that old hazy, yellowish look. This won’t cause any damage to your vehicle or your headlights, this is just bringing your headlights true shine back to light. 

Compounding and polishing will serve as an enhancement to completely bring the headlights back to a clear finish, removing scratches or any other defects that are embedded on your lights.

Ceramic coating will protect and give you a safe driving experience for a durable and long lasting 1 year protection without having to pay and replace your headlights.

FAQ: Headlight Restoration

Can you restore ALL headlights?

Just like with many other things on your vehicle, once the headlights reach a certain point fully restoring and bringing back that brand new like may not be possible. Permanent damage may hinder the results, however you will definitely be able to tell a difference once we are finished with our restoration methods. 

How Do my headlights get so Ugly?

Your headlights have a thin clear coat, just like your car’s paint would. Year after year, month after month as the sun beats up that clear coat it begins to fail overtime creating that yellowish, foggy look. 

How can I keep up with my headlight to keep them looking good?

Ideally adding a protective sealant or wax every 4-5 week can help increase the longevity of your car’s headlights, especially against the Hot Richmond weather in the summer months. (Assuming they look like-new)

How long does this take?

Usually, this will take about an hour to properly and safely do. We try not to rush the process ensuring you get the results you are paying for. We take time to also tape up all areas around the headlights to limit the risk of any damage being made to your car. 

Do you come to me or do I have to drop it off?

Ideally for a small job such as this one we could easily get it done at your home, or work place without any problems. However we highly suggest you pair this with a WASH to fully take advantage of a full exterior transformation.