Level 1 Paint Enhancement

Clear your cars paint for an increase in gloss and shine

  1. All wheels, tires and fenders will be properly cleaned
  2. Thoroughly Hand wash and Clay bar for decontamination
  3. Emblems, door jambs, and gas cap all properly brushed and cleaned
  4. Single Stage Polish and Sealant (aka High Gloss)/ Paint enhancement
  5. Restore and add protection on black trim


  • First we’ll fully degrease and clean your cars wheels for a brake dust free finish​
  • Fully rinse door jambs, clean gas cap, and remove any bird poo, or bugs on front end
  • Foam vehicle for safe hand washing
  • Clay bar to remove remaining embedded dirt and debris (your paint will feel really smooth).
  • Completely air dry and hand dry vehicle
  • The polish phase: Increase shine and clarity by polishing and removing the minor to medium imperfections in the paint.
  • Apply wax or sealant for protection against Richmond weather and other elements
  • Clean windows for crystal clear vision
  • Dress tires for a sling free finish!
  • Touch up any detailed areas like the emblem, exhaust, grille, etc…


Small/ Coupes

6 hours



6.5-7 hours



8-9 hours


FAQ: Level 1 Paint Correction

Can you remove all scratches and swirls?

For the most part, this is a tough question to answer without properly seeing the vehicle in person and having an idea of how deep the scratches are. For a service that will completely remove all your cars imperfections check out our level 2 paint restoration service.

How did my car get swirls and scratches on them if its new?

We’ve came across dozens of vehicles, from used and old to new and recently have left the dealership. Still the same common issues apply. In most cases improper washing could lead to the paint imperfection, or simply just letting the car bake out in the sun without the proper protection could also hinder your cars gloss.

Do you need me to drop my car off or is this a mobile service?

This is 100% a shop based service, being that the amount of time in comparison to a regular wash will differ around 4-5 hours it would best serve as a shop only service. If you’re looking for a quick polish check out the Swirl Removal service and add some shine to your ride.

How long does this take?

Usually, it will take about 6-8 hours to properly restore your cars shine. We try not to rush the process ensuring you get the results you are paying for. We take time to also tape up all areas around the trim to limit any debris, and polishing chemicals getting stuck on your cars surfaces.