Professional Ceramic Coating in York Region

Protect your cars paint job and keep it shining 24/7

Fast forward 20 years, and the ceramic coating is introduced into the auto detailing industry. Now we have the ability to add arguably one of the best and most durable protections your car will ever need.

Methods like proper hand washing, iron removal, and removal of up to 99% of paint defects with our Paint Correction services will guarantee that your car will look Flawless once it’s ready for pickup.

Here are a few major Benefits

  • One time application (unlike waxes where its typically 2-3 months)
  • Hydrophobic Properties (water resistant over the entire vehicle)
  • Scratch resistant and highly durable against most elements
  • Creates a deep high gloss, thats far beyond regular sealants and waxes


  • All emblems, plastics, trim, and paint will all be professionally and properly cleaned

  • Decontamination with iron remover and clay bar process to ensure vehicle is spotless

  • One OR Two stage Paint Correction to remove scratches and swirl marks on vehicle leaving it free of any defects

  • Wheel wheels, and tires will be fully cleaned and restored back as much as possible to like new

  • Gas cap, door jams, trunk lid, will all be cleaned and protected

  • Air & Hand blown dry to prevent adding any damage to vehicle and making sure its properly dried

  • Engine bay and compartments are cleaned, and protected for months of shine

  • Windows and glass cleaned and Ceramic Coated










Exterior Prep
  1. Properly hand wash, clay, and spray iron removal to fully get any embedded grit and iron particles off of your car’s paint 

  2. Deep clean all wheels, rims and tires for a spotless finish

  3. Engine bay will be thoroughly cleaned and dressed

  4. Door jambs, gas caps, and emblemed will all be brushed and cleaned

  5. Thorough hand and air blow cracks and crevices for a streak free finish

Paint Correction
  1. Cut – with our top quality compound products and pads we can remove up to 90% of your paints defects with this process

  2. Polish – this will enhance your cars shine while also removing any minor defects and imperfections left on your paintwork

  3. Ceramic Coating application – apply 1-2 layers of ceramic coating for a durable and long term protection on your vehicles paint work

  4. Let Ceramic cure and Bond with the paint for about 24 hours

Once the Ceramic Coating is complete it will last you up to 2-6 years, making it super easy to maintain its shine while also keeping it looking new, always.

Check out our Maintenance Plans!

The coating will not only give your car an insane shine and gloss but most importantly it is well known for its anti scratch properties. Your car will be protected from any fading, any dirt, and water spots. Making it the best and most long term investment you can make for your vehicle.


Questions about Ceramic Coatings

How long will this service take?

Typically a ceramic coating could range from 1 to 3 days. It’s all depending on how much polishing and correction your car’s paint will need, and the type of results that you want for your car. The size of the vehicle is also time consuming so it may need more time and attention to get the quality of results.

Can the ceramic coating be applied with the correction?

We don’t recommend applying the ceramic coating without proper paint prep work and correction, doing so you won’t reap the true benefits of the coatings and you will still be able to see all the imperfection on your vehicle.

How long do I have to wait to Wash my car?

After the coating is applied and you’ve picked up your vehicle, we recommend waiting at least 48 hours to safely wash and wet your vehicle. We say 48 hours so that way the coating has enough time to fully cure and bond with your car’s paint!

Note: You get a FREE wash from us once the ceramic is applied, and cured on the house for choosing us for your coating. We also recommend joining the maintenance program so your car will be properly taken care of frequently.