Superior Paint Correction Services
in York Region

Get rid of your cars imperfections from York Region Weather and give it a mirror glaze finish!

We’ve all been there, that moment you look at your car under the sun and all of a sudden notice spider-web swirls or even worse notice a few scratches on your cars paint.

You probably noticed it first on your cars hood or driver side door, being that you typically look at these areas the most getting in and out your car.

These scratches and “spider-web” like swirl marks are actually due to bad washing techniques, or even worse drying methods, some may go as far as saying it’s due to richmond weather conditions.

Not properly adding layers of protection, like a sealant or a wax to your cars paint could lead to paint failure costing you thousands down the line.

Our ideal customer would be someone who’s recently bought a car and is looking to invest money back into their car so it can retain its value OR you’re simply someone who’s owned their car for years and wants to correct, enhance, and protect their car and give it that Mendez Super-shine!

How do we actually get those swirls and scratch marks off of your car?! 

Utilizing different polishing products, pads, and buffing machines we can remove up to 96% of those flaws on your paintjob.

When a service like this is done properly, the results are stunning! Many customers say their car looks brand-new as if it came off the showroom floor. So if you’ve been needing to add life back to your cars paint this is the right service.

A paint correction process could and will require long hours of high level of attention on your paint to remove any imperfections in your cars paintjob. With patience and hard work we can guarantee to make it look 10x better.

Pricing and Packages

High Gloss


Paint Restoration


Ceramic Coating


FAQ: About this Service

What products and tools will be used on my car?

Using different variations of polishers, compounds, lights and towels. Most cars aren’t in similar conditions so we will use different methods, techniques, and tools to still get your cars paint to a smooth-as-glass, showroom finish.

Will this be at my home or at a shop location?

Although Mendez Mobile Detailing currently does not have a Richmond, Va shop location. You could opt to drop your car off here at our home-based location.

How long will my car last looking this shiny?

That depends on how often you get your car properly washed and dried moving forward. A great way to keep your car swirl-free and safe is to avoid car washes after any type of paint correction. We also recommend a maintenance hand wash bi-weekly, or even monthly.