Full Car Detailing Package: Silver

Restore your ride back to like-new conditions with a full detailing restoration

Fun Fact: Most cars that get minor swirl marks and scratches added over time with no added layers of protection end up spending 3x the amount compared to someone who routinely gets their vehicle protected.


  1. Fully restore and protect your car inside & out
  2. Long term investment – easier to maintain a clean look
  3. Save tons of headaches down the line from peeling paint or a stained up interior
Wash Clay & Wax
  1. Paintwork, emblems, glass, and plastic are all properly cleaned to perfection 
  2. Remove embedded grit on your cars paint (Clay bar)
  3. Hand/ Air blown dry
  4. Tires & Wheels cleaned and dressed for shine
  5. Engine bay plastics will be cleaned and shined
  6. Door jambs, trunk lid, gas cap will all be cleaned
  7. Paint Sealant up to 6 months protection
  8. Black trim is protected and restored
Full Interior Shampoo
  1. Dashboard, center console, cup holders will all be cleaned, etc.
  2. Full upholstery steam cleaning of both seats and carpet
  3. Scrub & Extract upholstery
  4. Leather is cleaned and treated (if applicable)
  5. Interior Glass will be cleaned
  6. Custom Mendez air Fragrance
  7. Lifetime plastic and interior trim protection
  8. Steam clean air vent for fresh air


Small/ Coupes

2-2.5 hours



2.5-3 hours



3-3.5 hours



This is how we're going to safely and properly wash your vehicle
  1. Clean Wheels, tires and all fender with a variety of brushes.

  2. Properly hand wash all exterior panels, clean emblems with brushes to get in hard to reach areas

  3. Fully clean door jambs, gas cap and remove all bugs on front end

  4. Decontaminate your cars paint and clay bar to smooth finish

  5. Machine or Hand apply a thick layer of Polymer Sealant to add protection on your vehicle for up to 6 months

  6. Safely wash and dress all engine bay compartments

  7. Add Tire shine to wheels (dry to touch – no slings)

  8. Clean Exterior Glass for crystal Clear Vision

Here's how we plan to refreshen your cars interior for top tier driving experience...
  1. Remove all trash and loose items from vehicle

  2. In combination with our air compressor, drills, and vacuum, your interior (including trunk) will be thoroughly vacuumed

  3. Premium quality steam clean on all interior surfaces killing germs and refreshen your interior smell

  4. Lightly brush and steam clean interior seats, carpets, and headliner to bring out your cars original look

  5. Clean interior windows and visors

  6. Final inspection to ensure a high quality finish once the job is complete!

Frequently Asked Questions: Silver Detail Package:

How can I pay?

You can pay with either your credit or debit card, we accept cash & checks. To simplify things we have the ability to also send an invoice to your phone where you can setup your apple pay and other forms of contactless payments.

Where will this detail be done?

Truthfully speaking 99% of our car detailing jobs are performed mobile, meaning that we will come to you. Water and Electricity will be provided by us and so no need to leave your home or even get in any waiting lines. The shop is brought to you!

What the main difference between The Silver & Gold packages?

The major difference is the exterior work, one package is a premium wash & seal with a full interior cleaning and the other package will include a swirl removal paint polish on your paint for a high gloss and 1 year protection.

Will you need access to water & electricity?

Most of our clients in Richmond allow us access to their water spigot and electric outlet, however since we are a mobile detailing business we carry a water tank and power generator in cases where our potential client may live in a apartment complex where it may not be readily available.

Does the price change based on size of car?

Yes, the size of the vehicle will drastically make a difference in pricing just like all our other services. Since it will take a bit more time to complete the detail on a bigger size vehicle, the pricing will vary.

How long will this service take?

The average duration for a service like this is typically 2 to 4 hours. Depending the size of your vehicle, and the condition that it’s in the time of completion may fluctuate, we appreciate your patience and promise it’ll be worth the wait! 

Will this remove scratches from my car?

The Silver Package wont remove any scratches since it doesn’t include the exterior polish like our Gold Package would. However this premium exterior wash will drastically change the look on your car! 

If you’re looking for any Paint Correction or a showroom paint finish check out our Paint Correction Service!